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Volvo Winter Tyres

At Holden Motors we are proud to retail a wide range of Volvo Winter Tyres, which have been designed to provide unparalleled levels of safety, comfort and traction across wintry conditions including Snow, Rain and Ice.

Volvo’s Scandinavian Heritage

So what’s the link between Volvo and winter?

Volvo’s Scandinavian heritage is accompanied by an industry leading winter testing framework, which has been carried out within the Arctic Circle, for over 50 years.  Rigorous snow and ice testing, at temperatures down to -40 Degrees allows Volvo to consistently design and manufacture cars that are unrivalled in winter conditions. Volvo’s aim is to provide a safe, comfortable journey – no matter how bad the weather is – that’s a message which Volvo owners love.

Volvo started winter testing all of its cars in Lapland back in the 1960’s, a long time before any other manufacturers had even considered putting their cars through such rigorous cold weather testing. Volvo’s intensive testing continues today, still within the Arctic Circle.

During the winter testing season, Volvo engineers and members of the public test drive the entire range of Volvo cars – all wheel drive and front wheel drive. This allows Volvo to fault find before the cars are brought to market. All cars tested are using Winter Tyres and the mileage covered during these tests, is equivalent to driving around the world, five times.

Volvo’s XC range

A popular sight across the Ski slopes of Europe for good reason, Volvo’s XC and cross country ranges blend all-wheel drive performance, with luxury and reliability. Increased ground clearance within the estate car range continues right up to the XC SUV’s, which includes the range topping XC90.

These XC and cross country models use Haldex all-wheel drive technology to demand excellent performance from all four wheels. In Layman’s terms, the Haldex all-wheel drive system provides excellent grip because it allows the power from the engine to each wheel to be adjusted independently, allowing the wheel with most grip to receive most power. These Volvo’s compete directly with other all-wheel drive cars such as Audi’s Quattro and BMW’s xDrive models.  

Best Winter Tyres for your Volvo

Regardless of the all-wheel drive system your Volvo has, it’s not going to perform in adverse weather conditions with a normal set of ‘summer’ road tyres. We have all seen the big 4x4 running on slick summer tyres struggling to navigate roads that a trusty front wheel drive car would easily handle on winter rubber. So no matter what drivetrain your Volvo runs, whether its front wheel drive or all-wheel drive – allowing it to grip the road with a set of winter tyres is fundamental in unlocking it’s performance. 

How do Winter Tyres work?

At temperatures below seven degrees, the rubber in normal summer tyres begins to harden – reducing grip on cold, wet roads, as well as ice and snow. The smoother summer biased tread pattern also struggles to find grip.

In contrast, a softer rubber compound used in winter tyres remains soft in lower temperatures, keeping the tyre in contact with the road. Furthermore, excellent levels of grip are provided with the help of grooves in the tread called ‘Sipes’ These Sipes fill with snow, providing excellent snow on snow traction. Note, that whilst a summer tyre may have just 200 Sipes, a winter tyre can have around 1500.

Holden Motors Volvo Winter Tyres     

For a country that finds its roads screeching to a halt whenever there is a light sprinkling of snow, it’s well worth investing in a set of winter rubber. They work their magic not just in the snow but right across the winter months, and when we do receive some snow – you can enjoy driving past those scrabbling for grip. Available online are winter tyres from the following manufacturers:

  • Manufacturer 1
  • Manufacturer 2
  • Manufacturer 3
  • Manufacturer 4
  • Manufacturer 5

To order your tyres, simply enter your tyre size, select a fitting time and order online. If you have any questions about which Volvo tyres are best for you, please do just get in touch and we will be happy to help. 

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